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On this website, you will find information about jWoguy13. This is my screen name that I use on almost everything on the internet. If you see a jWoguy13 or jWoguy22, its probably me. My real name if Jeremy Socia and I live in Massachusetts. I am 19 years old. IM me at jwoguy13, obviosly. I am a student at Merrimack College. I study Computer Science at Merrimack and I have included some programs I've written in my school section. I'm a huge New Jersey Devils fan. I also love professional wrestling. If you want to learn more about what I like to do, scroll down to the "Hobbies" section.

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My main hobbie is hockey. My favorite team is the New Jersey Devils. Since I've been following them, they have won 3 Stanley Cups. They are right now the 2003 Stanley Cup Champions. They have titles in '95, 2000, 2003. Devils If you run a street hockey league in Massachusetts, email me, because I would love to join and I can't find any around me.

I also love wrestling. My favorite wrestlers are RVD, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
A few years ago, I collected NHL Headliners. I made a web site dedcicated to NHL Headliners collectors. The site was called jWoguy13's Headliners Page

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I use eBay alot to sell and buy collectibles. I usually by video game stuff like games or accessories. I also collect things on eBay like Ghostbusters collectibles and Star Trek Figures. The main things that I sell are software that I don't want anymore.

If you would like to see what I am looking for and what I am selling right now, go to my eBay
Seeking and Selling page

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School Stuff

This area includes any papers or programs that I have written in school. You can use them for examples and please don't copy them exactly especially if you go to the same school as me.

ATM Project
This area contains the class files to make an ATM Machine that can withdraw and deposit into a savings, loan and savings and loan account. If you need something like this, check it out.

Tortoise and Hare Race
This java program shows a "T" and an "H" moving across the screen until they reach to finish line. It then displays the winner. This programs demonstates inheritance.

Other files will be here soon!

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Wish List

I have made a site that contains all the gifts I would want for special occasions where I would possibly recieve a gift. If a time for gift-giving is near, use this page to find something you would like to buy for me. Go to Wish List.

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